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Girls Day By Desertsea Photography

Girls Day By:  Gaylin HowbertMonika DeVinny from Desertsea Photography

Models: Kourtney DeVinny and Piper Rubio

Shop the looks:

Kourtney is wearing the Flame Headband / Beauty Treatment Dress

Piper is wearing the Beauty Treatment DressPyro Necklace. Kourtney is wearing the Sleeping Beauty DressPom Pom Clip

Kourtney is wearing the Beauty Treatment DressFlame Headband. Piper is wearing the Mud Mask DressPride Headband

Piper is wearing the Beauty Treatment Dress / Pyro Necklace. Kourtney is wearing the Sleeping Beauty Dress /Pom Pom Clip

Piper is wearing the Sleeping Beauty DressVictoria Headband.  Kourtney is wearing the Mud Mask DressFeather Headband

Piper is wearing the Beauty Treatment Dress / Pyro Necklace